TCF Australia

The Compassionate Friends in Australia have been set up as state-based organisations for the delivery of services to grieving parents and families. The role of TCF Australia is to provide coordination and communication support to the state-based organisations.


When a son or daughter dies who can help?

When a son or daughter dies, no matter what their age or the cause of death, grief lasts for longer than society in general recognises. The death of your child is an unacceptable tragedy, and it can take a long time before you regain any sense of normality in your life. “We Need Not Walk Alone.”

The Compassionate Friends (SA) Inc. is part of a world-wide organisation offering friendship and understanding to families following the death of a son or daughter, brother or sister. TCF offers support in the grief and trauma which follows the death of a child at any age and from any cause.

Our purpose is to offer friendship and understanding by reaching out to bereaved parents, to the surviving siblings and other family members to support them in the grief and trauma which follows the death of a child. We promote the positive resolution of parents’ grief, and to foster the physical, emotional and spiritual growth, in an open and friendly environment of bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings.

The Compassionate Friends (SA) inc. is now registered as a DGR [Deductible Gift Recipient] status with the ATO.

A Message for Bereaved Parents & Siblings

At The Compassionate Friends you will find the special understanding of those who have “been there”. There are no pressures to talk or not talk, to cry or not cry, just a chance to be yourself, to have time-out.

The Compassionate Friends offers a safe haven, a listening and understanding ear, a place where you can let down the masks, and if you wish, talk about your son or daughter who has died. The Compassionate Friends offers no miracle cure, just comfort and the consolation and hope that broken threads can be picked up again.


PRESIDENT…………Karen O’Brien

SECRETARY………..Tracey Rains

TREASURER………..Deborah Morgan


Patricia Collins / Gavin Collins / Kyla Pynor