Suicide: Stigma following Suicide and Promoting Healthy Grief Strategies

TCF presents Dr Helen Stallman, Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer at Uni SA.

Wednesday 21st March 2018 starting 7.30pm

Eastwood Community Centre, 95 Glen Osmond Road, Eastwood

Those affected by suicide related death frequently comment on the stigma they feel either directed towards themselves or the deceased. This stigma can contribute to a negative understanding of the surviving families and friends as grievers, which can complicate an already difficult grieving experience. Dr Stallman will explore themes and issues around this issue. She will also share her vision of healthy grieving following death by suicide.

This research and presentation has been focused on suicide. Nonetheless, other grievers may find some of the content relevant, particularly in relation to stigma of grievers and ways of healing.

TCF is about supporting grieving parents and siblings. We are often subjected to a certain kind of stigma, that we should not grieve as deeply or as long as we do, and while this topic may not be directly relevant to all those who come down, there may be something of interest for those who do choose to attend.

We thank Dr Stallman for sharing her research with us.

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This research has not been conducted at the request of TCF, by TCF and nor have we participated/contributed in any way to its collation or presentation.